Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 20 Lists Unusual, Weird and Creative Handbags

Woman wear make-up, wear the best and most amazing clothes, wear shoes that cost more than the make-up and clothes put together...but still they feel like they should have something in their hand. Well, here you have quite a few options of some amazing handbags that will definitely get you noticed.

20. The Real Wood Bag

19. The Texas Number Plate

18. The Cordless Guitar

17. Some odd vegetable bag

16. The Street Fighter's Bag

15. A bag that guy would love to have

14. Cheese Bag

13. The Yellow Boot Bag

12. Something for the Cops

11. Looks like Chinese Food

10. The Golden Gun

9. Hold my hand

8. Minced meat bag

7. The steak on bag

6. The dead cat's parade

5. KeyBag

4. The Big Cassette

3. Women of violence

2. Women of violence 2 - It's a man's head

1. The Best Bag in the world

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