Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 20 hilarious and stupid celebrity facial expressions

Celebrities are humans aren't they? So they experience the same sort of things we do. For example...we make weird faces so..SURPRISE SURPRISE...they do too. Take a look.

20. I wanted to be the GRINCH

19. I just got paralyzed

18. I'm gonna kill you!!!

17. NA NA NA BO BO!!

16. I think this is Lady GAGA's normal face

15. Bush's favorite expression

14. The Queen copying Bush

13. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! YEAH *Jumping on the chair*

12. This is just hilarious

11. A little too excited I guess

Please note: the following pictures are of a specific celebrity because only she deserves to be in the top 10. Wait for NUMBER is a surprise.

10. TONGUE?? REALLY?? Isn't he too young for that?

9. OMG...that's NASTY

8. She's about to say something starting from "F"

7. I hope she doesn't always yawn like this

6. It's just funny when I see some people (i.e. Britney) cry

5. Trust me!! We do not disagree

4. Scared or Scaring...I can't tell

3. Is that a triple chin I see?

2. Scared or Scaring part two


For those of you who don't know this guy. Please watch THIS VIDEO and you will realize that he infact IS a celebrity and he DOES deserve to be our number 1.

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