Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 20 List Interesting Road Signs

 If you have a driving license, then you will probably know what most of the road signs know. But some times they are used in such a way that no one would understand what they are all about. Here what I mean:

20. How about leashes without pet?

19. The road to 'I don't know'

18. Which way is it, which way is it???

17. We appreciate the apology..but the damage is too big

16. What did you expect? Coffee?

15. Tanks and buses crossing

14. Interesting warning

13. What where you expecting?

12. Careful with the heels

11. Bulls playing with the sheep

10. It always is

9. But I don't want it :(

8. So?? Do I enter or not?


6. Don't let it get too close

5. So, what's the point?

4. Remove the sign...that might help!!

3. We'll try...but no guarantees

2. Great..You can't stop fining us even after we're dead.

1. Need I say anymore?

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