Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back Hair — Stupid or Sexy?

Do Women Actually Like Back Hair on their Guys?

I recently heard about this band from Australia that released their debut record with an image of a man covered in thick back hair. I thought to myself, “Self… this has to be a joke. Nobody, I mean NOBODY likes back hair – right?” So, I took it upon myself to do a little research about the band and back hair in general.
Funny Fabulous Diamonds hairy Back Album Cover
Fabulous Diamonds - Seven Songs Record Cover
click to enlarge
As it turns out, the band (Fabulous Diamonds) did in fact release their debut album (Seven Songs) featuring the image of an overly hairy man being comforted by what appears to be a very attractive woman. (You can only see about 1/2 her face in the photo.) As soon as I saw the image, I assumed it was a fake. I mean, c’mon… That’s a lot of back hair.
After looking at it more closely, however, I began to believe that it probably was a real photo. So, I then wondered not only where they found this guy, but why they would use this as the cover image for their debut album? And, wouldn’t you know it… The hairy backed man and the woman are the actual members of the band!
Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa ARE the Fabulous Diamonds, an Australian band that specializes in creating soundscapes with reverbed vocals and other odd sounds. While the music definitely is not my thing, coming from an Advertising background, I absolutely LOVE this cover image and feel it has potential (duh!!) to be a huge viral success for the group.
With the questions about the record cover solved, one huge item remained unanswered in my mind… Do women hate back hair as much as I assumed they did – or do they actually find it attractive? So, I set out to answer this question by asking friends and finding other hairy-backed men’s images online. Out of the 20 or so women I asked, not a single one of them said they actually liked back hair. (No surprise there, right?) But, I did find a bunch of really funny hair / back hair images to share with you. So, without further ado, here you go…

Funny Back Hair Photos

Hairy Redneck Nascar Fan
You Gots To Luvs You Some Nascar to Even Think About Doing This!
Lovers with Hairy Backs
This is Just WRONG on So Many Levels
Funny Hairy Guy Blending In with Couch
This Guy Almost Blends in with the Couch!

I know this image doesn’t show the guy’s back. But, I’d be willing to bet the back side is just as bad as the front! Guy with Hairy Back and Lots of Tattoos
Don’t think tattoos go well with back hair. You agree?
gross back hair
Notre Dame Back Hair Guy
Team Logos Carved from Back Hair - Nice

I’m sure Notre Dame alum all over the country are really proud to call this guy one of their own!!
Funny Hairy Back Guy
What The .... ?

I’m not even sure what this one is supposed to be. Looks like someone possibly held him down and took an electric razor to his back?
Heart Shaped Hairy Back
Happy Valentine's Day
gross back hair art
White Hot!!

Who would even think to try to create an artistic image out of back hair?
covered in back hair
Funny Back Hair

“Hey Honey… Can I Borrow Your Coat?”
mullet back hair
This Collection Just Wouldn't Be Complete without Mullet Back Hair Guy

You can’t tell where the back hair stops and the mullet hair begins!!! :-)
Number 8 shaved in back hair
Good Ole Number 8

Rounding up the end of our funny hairy back photos collection, we have this guy! It’s bad enough that he has an “8″ shaved out of his back hair, but he has to go and show us the infamous “crack” hair as well. Seeing this just made your day. You know it did!!

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