Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chopsticks Art

I rarely enter a Chinese restaurant, therefore, I rarely need to use chopsticks… But as you can imagine, the very few times I have had the chance… I have never ever been able to eat with them.

Copyright © star5112 on Flickr

Even I’m not the best in using chopsticks, many, many other people are.  As studies show a huge quantity of single-use chopsticks, billions of them, are consumed every year. Almost 25 million trees and bamboo plants are needed. So, in order to avoid such waste, people started recycling them. An example would be Kwytza Recycled Chopstick Art – a store offering for sale some of the most unique chopstick crafts, from lamps to bags and jewellery.

Source © Kwytza Chopstick Art

Searching for more material to use in this post I stumbled upon some interesting pictures from an Aquarium Exhibition that took place some time ago at China Hong Kong City mall – the place where sea life became for a while chopsticks art. Some very interesting exhibits were displayed (various kinds of fish and other marine life made out of recycled chopsticks ) in order to transmit important messages to the world through the chosen theme and the materials used – recycling and protecting life and environment.  Teru, the photographer, was very kind and let me use some of his pictures of the exhibits. The rest you can see here.
Copyright © Teru

Leaving on the side the marine exihibition, another use for chopsticks, and the funniest that human mind could ever imagine is the amazing Japanese bra. Campaign for Triumph International Japan: the environmentally-friendly concept bra called “My Chopsticks Bra”.

Source © Day Life & Techchee

And let’s not forget the chopsticks canoe … a canoe made by a former city employee in the Fukushima prefecture, Koriyama, from thousands and thousands of used disposable chopsticks. The chopsticks were recovered from the city hall cafeteria.

Source © Pink Tentacle
Or the chopstick lamps from Lacor Furniture – sea urchin lights.

And even this cute notebook. You can learn to do your own Chopstick Notebook from here.

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