Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Swirl and Swing of Words

Calligraphy together with a little emotion, concentration, tradition and skills equal the art of handwriting.
Writing names on rice

Even if it’s closed in a a keychain or inside a medallion, you can have your name written on a small piece of rice at such a small dimension that you can hardly see it with your bare eyes. Pictures taken at Dubai Shopping Festival, UAE

Persian traditional handwriting on wood

Copyright © Quaz der Koenig
Persian letters giving birth in a harmonious and skillful manner to words and art at the same.  Hamedan province, Iran.
Writing poems with water

Copyright © Gregory Puchalski
No need of paper or ink to write a beautiful poem. Getting everyone’s attention, Chinese artists write ephemeral thoughts with water on the sidewalk, mesmerizing words that fastly die to free the space for new ones.

Copyright © Ricky Hau

Copyright © Peter Lee

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