Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wild Beauty

“A horse is a thing of beauty… no one can get tired of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor.”

The most amazing part is the way this creature can inspire artists. Horses become the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – thoughts about strength, power, charm that give the human being the ability to escape common existence.

Horse sculptures made of wood and cast in bronze, or paper by DEBORAH BUTTERFIELD

Copyright © hanneorla

Source: Gallery Paule Anglim

Horse sculptures made of bronze and driftwood by HEATHER JANSCH

Source: Bears & Buds

Horse sculpture made of welded-together horseshoes

Source: Dallas / Fort Worth and Me

Horse sculpture made of barbed wire

Copyright © David Johnson

Pegasus sculpture made of wire by ELIZABETH BERRIEN – Louisville Airport

Source: WireLady

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