Friday, March 11, 2011

Amazing Photos from the Heart of a Glacier

Glacier Cave 1 
Eric Guth works with an expedition cruise company that sails to some of the world’s most remote places, from Alaska to the Antarctic. Much of his time is spent around or on massive bodies of ice, and he regularly experiences places most people have never seen and may never see.
“The landscape and icebergs of Antarctica have captured my senses the most,” Eric says. “Antarctica, being so remote and raw and unpredictable, also has a very gentle side. I have experienced days with zero wind, 50-degree temperatures, clear skies, and every snow-capped mountain, sculpted iceberg and waddling penguin reflected back at me with perfect symmetry. Days like these, where everything glistens and sparkles… these days make every howling, windy day I’ve experienced worth it!”
Glacier Cave 2
Recently, Eric discovered a cave entrance on the side of an Arctic glacier near Juneau, Alaska. He quickly set out to explore it and ended up with a stunning series of photos that are quite beautiful and almost otherworldly. For more of Eric’s photography, check out
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