Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clothespins, Pretty Boring, Huh?

Clothespins? I know, I know… Useful, but sadly boring. In other words NOT INTERESTING!
This is what many people would say…  A clip, a wooden fastener, the most common accessory to help dry our clothes. Maybe it’s time to realize that it can be more than that. It can be part of an artwork, product design aaaand even part of a fashionable article of clothing. :) I personally was impressed by Sandra Backlund’s dress.

Clothespin Business Card - Source:  outin10

I was preparing another post for weird business cards, but I thought this nice craft would be more appropriate here. Business cards have gotten very creative, from what I can see. I am not sure how this one would fit in your wallet though, but it is a great way to recycle clothespins.
Clothespin Chopsticks - Source:  Finestkind Clinic

Clothespin Doll Furniture - Source:  Thrifty Fun

Clothespin Lamps & Chandelier - Sources: Curbly | DIY Design Community,  Apartment Therapy Chicago

Clothespin Picket FenceSource:  Martha Stewart

Clothespin TrashcanSource:  Hommin

Clothespins seem to be innovative ideas for business cards - you must admit it’s a little strange to write your contact details on such a support, chopsticks, furniture, clothing, almost any kind of art and design forms. I put a few art examples below. The clothespin statue is not among my favorites, but the 3d sculpture made by Ariel Rose as well as the framed clothespins are pretty cool.  ;)

Source:  Sweet Spontaneous

Source:  Apartment Therapy Chicago

Clothespin Functional Telegraph Key – Source:  Milestone Technologies

Clothespin Match GunSource:  Instructables

Decorative Clothespin for Wedding FavorsSource:  My DIY Wedding Day

NotespinSource:  Back 9 Group

Other Clothespin Accessories - Source:  YANKO DESIGN

Mp3 Player Concept - Source:

Clothespin Clothing by Sandra Backlund - Source:  Sandra Backlund’s Website

Clothespin TombstoneSource:  Lmnop

Clothespin FenceCopyright © Daniel Yuhas from Tatting My Doilies

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