Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mary Poppins Lost Her Umbrella

A few days ago, when I was going home, I saw a big black umbrella in the middle of the street. It was sitting there all alone, open, and cars were passing by… The first thing that passed through my mind was “Oh, my God!! Mary Poppins lost her umbrella…”

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers was the best series I had ever read as a child. While I was reading, the magical world he had drawn was my reality, the story was no more a story,  but an encounter with my favourite and mysterious friends. His book made me believe that everything is possible, that all you need to achieve what you desire, it’s just the simple thought of it. Life is wonderful and magical and a forgotten umbrella can bring you memories about forgotten times. 

Sooooo…. if Mary Poppins lost her old umbrella, maybe she needs a new one ;)
To her extraordinary sense of humor something funny would fit, something like the “Cloud Umbrella” ( happiness concept umbrella for the urban lifestyle)…

Source:  Joon  & Jung

or maybe something like the X-Ray Umbrella …

 Source:  Fun is 2 cool
 In a violent world the Jedi Umbrella & Co wouldn’t be a bad idea…
 Source:  Materious

nor the Unbreakable Umbrella…
 Buy from:  TCS
But as she doesn’t like violence and they seem to be too manly, I think she would prefer more an ecological accessory:
*The Eco Brolly made from a newspaper

 Source:  Crunch Gear
*Tthe stylish biodegrable umbrella with frame and handle, made from bamboo and the rest, made from plastic material that totally degrades in a landfill in a year

 Source:  Keetsa
 or maybe something like the Recycled Umbrella?

 Buy at:  Monsoon Vermont
As she is a non-smoker the following wouldn’t be too useful for her,

More at:  Gear Diary
but what about the Polite Umbrella?

Designer:  Joo Youn Paek
Or an extremely modern one like:

 Source:  Nubrella
*or another similar Japanese Umbrella

*Inflatable Umbrella

*Musical Umbrella

*Pileus – the Internet Umbrella
 Source:  Pileus

and the smartest of all, Forecast Umbrella, to predict weather changes.

Source:  Materious

Ok, ok… perhaps not necessarily modern, but feminine,  and chic – the Parashel Umbrella…

Source:  DDI Parashel
and Umbrella Bag ;)

Source:  Top Blog Posts

  But she already has a bag, a magical bag full of strange objects…. And as I see her travelling among the stars this would be the best one:

Buy at:  The Wireless Catalog
I miss you Mary Poppins, I miss those days… :)

Designer:  Aleksandra Mir

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