Sunday, April 3, 2011

Should Female Reporters (Ines Sainz, Jenn Sterger) be Allowed in Pro Sports Locker Rooms?

Ines Sainz and Jenn Sterger have Become Household Names. Not Because of their Talent or Professionalism – but Simply Because they are Beautiful Female Reporters who were Allowed Into Pro Sports Locker Rooms.

Hot, Sexy Female Reporters Gallery…

Ines Sainz Butt
Inez Sainz
In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months, Ines Sainz is a Mexican news reporter who has become famous because she was flirted with and “hit on” in a manner that made her “uncomfortable” in a New York Jets locker room last month. Jenn Sterger is all the buzz in mainstream media right now because she is a female sports reporter whom, allegedly, Brett Favre has been harassing with phone calls and naughty (nude) text messages.
Jenn Sterger and friends in bikinis
Jenn Sterger and Friends

Erin Andrews in Lingerie
Erin Andrews

Ines Sainz The real story here, to me, is that these women are not only allowed, but encouraged to go into pro sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, etc.) locker rooms to perform post-game interviews. I mean seriously, would it be acceptable to encourage male reporters to follow female athletes into locker rooms, where the female athletes would be changing clothes, showering, and just plain naked? I think not. So, why do we encourage female reporters to pursue male athletes in the locker room? For ratings, that’s why!
Jenn Sterger Nude Baseball Bat
Jenn Sterger - Topless Baseball

Sexy Pamela David
Ultra Sexy Reporter Pamela David
Fox New Rporter Courtney Friel
Fox News Reporter - Courtney Friel

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews

Ines Sainz Double Image
Ines Sains. Wow.

Erin Andrews Hot Reporter
Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews
Sexy Jenn Sterger
Sexy Reporter Jenn Sterger

Sexy Reporter Daisy Donovan
Daisy Donovan

Courtney Friel
Courtney Friel

Norah ODonnell
You Won't Find Whitehouse Reporter Norah O'Donnell in any Locker Rooms. But, She's Hot - So Here you Go Anyway!

Jenn Sterger
Ines Sainz
Erin Andrews Yellow Tank Top
Jenn Sterger Lingerie
Jenn Sterger - Sexy Lingerie Photo

Jenn Sterger
Courtney Friel Bikini
Courtney Friel in Bikini

Sexy Female Reporter
Erin Andrews Pink Top
Ines Sainz Bears Interview
Ines Sainz Interviewing

Jenn Sterger in Bikini
Jenn Sterger in Sexy Bikini

So, what do you think… Should female reporters continue to be allowed in men’s pro sports locker rooms?

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