Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tiger Woods and the Best Golf Photo You will EVER See!

Wow, check out the below photo from this past weekend’s Ryder Cup. The U.S. Team lost a closely contested match, but at least came away with this awesome photo, possibly the best ever “in-action” golf photograph!!
Tiger Woods Best Golf Photo Ever
The Best Golf Photo Ever!
This photo is not faked nor altered with Photoshop. That is truly Tiger Woods hitting his golf ball directly at a camera. Not intentional, mind you, but that white blurry, “blip” you see there in the center of the image is actually Tiger’s ball – just before it slams into the cameraman – Mark Pain of the Daily Mail.
Okay, besides the truly incredible image of the ball about to bonk the cameraman, did you happen to notice anything else – possibly even more awesome – about this photo? No? Well take another look at the dude on the right-hand-side of the image. See it now? The dude with the funny smile, cigar, huge mustache, and crumpled cap is simply hysterical. He looks to me to be something straight out of Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore! (Two of my all-time favorite sports movies, I might ad.)
If you didn’t see this happen, and you know about Tiger’s (how do we put this…) less than stellar reputation for dealing with cameramen, then you are probably thinking Tiger went off on this poor fellow. But, not so fast. Tiger was very well behaved and had nothing to say to Mr. Pain or about the incident in general. (To his defense, the cameraman was in the right position on the 18th hole. Tiger simply hit a bad shot and, we believe, knew he was in the wrong.)
Tiger Woods Photographer Dirty Stare
Of course, Tiger couldn’t completely let things go, as you can see here by the infamous Tiger stare down as Mr. Pain leaves the hole.

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