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Burning Man 2010 Begins Today (Photos)

Burning Man 2010 Begins Today — August 30, 2010

The annual event called Burning Man begins today in Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It is estimated that some 50,000+ people (or “Burners” as they call themselves) are expected to attend the massive art and music festival. Festivities culminate on September 6, 2010 with the torching of a 40-foot “Burning Man” effigy.
two women at burning man 2009
Nice Rear-End View of Two Women Attending Burning Man 2009.

Burning Man 2010 Photos…

Burning Man 2010 Kite Flying
Go Fly a Kite!
August 31, 2010 — Two Women Amongst Flying Kites at Burning Man 2010.
Hot Women Burning Man 2010
Hot, Scantily Dressed Women – Burning Man 2010
Minaret Tower Burning Man 2010
Minaret Tower
Hot Chic Climbing to the Mid-Point of Minaret Tower (Minaret is a 50′ tower that can be scaled externally to the mid-point. Climbers may then enter the tower and climb to the top. A latticed stainless steel dome at the top allows people to see out over the Burning Man festivities without danger of falling.)
August 31, 2010 — Small Crowd Gathering at Night Under a “Mushroom” Field.
burning man 2010 the colonel
The Colonel
August 31, 2010 — Some of the Crowd Gathering at Burning Man 2010.
Burning Man 2010 Helix Spire
Burning Man 2010 - Helix Spire
August 30, 2010 — “Helix Spire is a sculptural play toy, a climbing tower, a lookout 24 feet above the playa floor at Burning Man – Metropolis – 2010, Black Rock City Nevada”

Cool Photos From Past Burning Man Events…

Burning Man Sunrise Temple
Sunrise Temple
Sunrise Temple, Burning Man 2009
three hot chics at burning man 2009
Three Hot Girls from Burning Man 2009.
burning man effigy 2007
Burning Man Effigy from 2007
Burning Man 2007 Center Camp
Burning Man 2007 Center Camp
naked people chasing water truck at burning man 2007
PG-13 Photo of Naked People Chasing a Water Truck at Burning Man 2007. Apparently, this was the Only Way to Take a Shower During the Event.
Cute Girls Dancing
Cute Girls Dancing
Two Cute Girls Dancing at Burning Man 2008.
Fire Guy at Crude Awakening Burning Man 2008
Fire Guy at Crude Awakening Burning Man 2008
Body Paint Woman Burning Man
Body Painting
Body Painted Woman from Burning Man 2008
Burning Man 2005
Burning Man 2005
Burning Man Giants
Giants at Burning Man 2007
cute girl burning man 2009
Cute Girl at Burning Man 2009
Cute Girl. Kinda Looks Like She’s Going for a Lara Croft Effect.
mechanical spider
Mechanical Work of Art - Burning Man 2009
Hot Girls
Hot Girls - Burning Man 2009
Party People
Party People at Burning Man 2006
There’s No Shortage of Hot Women, Party People, or Cool Man-Made Structures at Burning Man!

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