Sunday, March 20, 2011

Advertising Gone Wrong – Funny Billboards, Funny Ads, Funny Signs

Funny Advertising, Funny Billboards, Funny Signs & More!

Advertising has changed a lot over the past 50 years, but there are still many traditional mainstream means of advertising.  Things like outdoor billboards and magazine ads have been, and are still today, useful means of advertising products and services.  Below are some really funny (intentional or not) advertising campaigns we just couldn’t help but laugh at…
funny mcdonalds billboard
Okay, so exactly what is it that opens at 6:00am??
Empty toilet paper roll on funny billboard
This is just one truly funny billboard! Or, a giant is in trouble somewhere. One or the other!
funny bus graphic
So, anybody sitting in that seat is going to look like a woman rubbing lotion on her legs. This guy’s look says it all. Priceless.
another funny bus vechicle graphic
Another funny bus graphic
Another funny bus graphic! This one is really pretty cool, but it just looks to me that they are trying to suggest that one bus is “humping” the other. Ha.

Is it just us or does the logo for this dentist office look more like a sexual position than a dentist taking care of a patient?

Wow. Talk about inappropriate. I’m not even sure what to say about this one!

Like the other logo above… I’m not sure this is the best choice for a company’s identity.

That’s just wrong.

“Kid Sex Change” or “Kids Exchange”? (Either way it’s pretty funny.) Not sure it’s a good idea to promote sex changes to young kids, but who hasn’t thought about “exchanging” their own kids every now and then!

Okay, there’s absolutely nothing funny about this billboard. There is actually something very sad… That is the fact that there are still places in the world where it is deemed acceptable to abuse women and children and that it is even necessary to have a billboard like this.
Funny Billboard Advertising
There should be more billboards like this all over the place!
funny advertising on plumbing truck
Wow, this is freaking fantastic. I’d hire this plumber just because of his creative truck advertising!!
funny sign wax your beaver
Are you serious? Only in Canada!
funny drunk driving sign
This one is too funny. The sign guy must have been wasted!
funny sign outside store
I’m guessing the boss probably changed employees after this!
funny advertising sign
Guns, Wedding Gowns, and Beer? Now that’s a PARTY!!!!!

I think I’d rather be prosecuted. :-)

See, driving and talking on your phone IS dangerous!
Hand Job Nails and Spa Grand Opening
Grand Opening for a business named “Hand Job” Nails & Spa. Ha. I’m guessing this is run by an Asian person who doesn’t quite understand the slang term properly!!!

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