Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rare Yellow Lobster Found – 1 in 30 Million

Lobsterman Denny Engram Found this Rare Yellow Lobster in One of His Lobster Traps Near Narragansett Bay off Rhode Island Last Week

Found near Narragansett Bay off the coast of Rhode Island the week of July 26, 2010 – this rare yellow lobster is a genetic mutation that is only seen one time in every 30 million lobster births.
Rare Yellow Lobster found in New England
Rare Yellow Lobster found in New England by Denny Engram
rare yellow lobster found off coast of Newport Rhode Island
Rare Yellow Lobster Being Displayed on Local News in Newport, Rhode Island
While these genetic color mutations are rare, they do happen. And, there have been other color varieties found in the past.
rare blue lobster
Rare Blue Lobster - 1 in 5 Million

This rare blue lobster was found off the coast of New Hampshire in 2009. Not quite as rare as a yellow lobster, blue lobsters occur approximately once out of every five million lobster births.
Rare white lobster next to a rare blue lobster
Extra Rare White Lobster Next to a Blue Lobster

Found off the coast of Cape Cod in 2004, this extremely rare white lobster mutation occurs only once in 100 million lobster births. This is a fascinating picture of both a are blue lobster and a rare white lobster. Judging by the size of this white lobster, it had lived in the wild for several years before being caught.
rare yellow lobster with denny engram
Denny Engram with His Rare Yellow Lobster

So, what’s the fate of this rare yellow lobster? This lucky guy is going to avoid the dinner table, instead heading to a display tank at the Fisherman’s Co-Op in Newport, Rhode Island.

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