Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Could You Please Lend Me a Straw?

hank you, but, no, thank you… I’ll just use mine for the moment. Sharing is not safe anymore especially with this strange flu. ;)
Funny Straw
Picture source: Martha Stewart

Btw, I saw you.. I know you carry it everywhere. Yes, yes, THAT DRINKING STRAW… the one you take with you to every party you go to make everyone jealous, the one you secretly keep in your bag to replace the ugly McDonalds one when you’re out with your friends, the straw you mix with your favourite cocktails. The straw you always hide when someone wants to touch it… the straw that makes each, single human being envies you for
Screaming Skull Straw - Buy from Gift Ideas
Skull Funny Drinking Straw
Kiss my lips ;)
Lips Drinking Straws
Drinking Glasses
Drinking Glasses
A Skeleton Straw for the Halloween Party?
Skeleton Funny Straw
Not if you are a Transformers movie fanatic… like me!


Cocktail mixing and sharing? They don’t seem to happy, huh?
Mix Drinks Straw
Multi-drinking straw
Silver elegance..
Elegant drinking straw
Festive accessories made of genuine natural bamboo…

Bamboo Straw
Cute Dots – Buy from Green Feet
Cute Dots Drinking Straw
Lighted Straws :)
Light Drinking Straw
And the coolest straw? The Water Purification Drinking Straw. Like te say – CLEANER, SAFER WATER WITH EVERY SIP! – Buy from iStraw

Finally… some cool straw advertising. ;)

Pollution Car Straw

Coca Cola Guerilla Advertising

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