Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crazy Beetle

It’s small, practical, cute, almost like a gadget… who wouldn’t love it?  Full of flowers, strangely painted, wired or pure gold, it’s still the old, crazy, classic Beetle…
Volkswagen Beetle – pieces of history
1938 – “Car of the force by means of joy” by Ferdinand Porsche. Cars are no more a priviledge of the rich people, the economy Käfer is ready for the masses. Keywords? Best speed, consumption and price…
1939 – Carwhich could swim“  With the beginning of the second world war, the small, cute Beetle was adapted to the new situation.
1945 – The war was over. Seriously damaged during this awful time, only a third part of the car factory in Wolfsburg stood up.

Nazi Advertisment – 1939 – “Five marks a week you must put aside – If in your own car you want to ride!”
1953 – After Porsche’s death -  “Volkswagen of Brasil” and the “Volkswagen of America” were built, followed in 1964 and 1966 by another two overseas branches the “Volkswagen de Mexico” and the factory of South Africa.
1974 – Sales began to decrease and Beetle production was moved from Wolfsburg to Emden in order to make place to the new Volkswagen car: the Golf.
1978 – European production definitively stopped. The cute Type 1 Beetle continued being built only in Mexico.

2010 – Even if the production in Mexico has been stopped also (last Type 1 were produced in 2003), over  21 million  wonderful Volkswagen Bettle models built cover the roads of Earth.
It was great to find all this information and put it together because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TIMELESS CAR!!!
Flower Power
VW bBeetle

Source: The Classic Beetle

Image Copyright: Andrea Caranti

Image Copyright: Daniel Mauermann
Paso Doble

“Used-to-be” a Beetle

Tasty Beetle

Photographer: Roundyrhino
Rainbow Bugs

Source: Surfing Art

Weird & Wired

Most Expensive

The jeweled one-millionth VW Beetle

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