Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For One Dollar

We buy clothes, food, trips, things we need to survive or more, depending on our budget… but rarely think about the real value of a product for money. What can you buy with only one dollar? In some parts of the world you can buy as much as half of a McDonald’s hamburger, while in other parts of the world a single dollar represents the food for a whole family for a day.
“I live in America, and in America we have “dollar stores”. At a dollar store you can buy hundreds of different things for just one U.S. dollar, such as a bottle of water, an umbrella, hand sanitizer, cologne, cooking ustensils, batteries, air freshener…” – Matt
Philippines – Half of a Big Mac

Bangladesh (Chittagong) – One dozen eggs

Australia (Melbourne) – A packet of chewing gum – Wrigley’s PK Gum

India (Andhra Pradesh) – 2-3 pieces bamboo for building or 1/2 Unit of Blood for a Transfusion

Ghana – 2 1/3 Bottles of Palm Oil

USA (Texas) – A lighter

France – 3 apples or half of French baguette

Korea (Seoul) – price for a kilo of rice

Uganda (Mbale) – 1/1500 of the cost of building a new home

Kenya – 8 cups of milk

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