Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Covered in Gold

Known as a symbol for power, strength, and perfection, gold is associated with divine principles. Building and crafting material, food ingredient – it’s not only a basic component, but also the balance in all things around us.
Pure gold buildings
The Golden Pavilion – or Kinkakuji is a wonderful place on the grounds of Rokuonji Temple, Kyoto, Japan. A gold treasure within a mesmerizing setting.

More information about it on: Wayfaring Travel Guide

Exquisite residence lobby – the well known passion of the sultan of Brunei for this precious metal… complete “bling bling” from lobby to bedroom.  ;)

Via: Asian Offbeat
Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple – a magnificent construction located 20km from Tirupati, India. The dome above the Deity’s main room is covered in hammered solid gold.

More information about it on: Vaisnava
Quito, Ecuador – Inca Civilization considered gold to be a symbol of the Sun God, so the interior of Iglesia de la Compañia was covered with almost 2 tons of gold. Magical…

Via: Outdoing Darwin in Panama and Ecuador

Champagne & Cognac extravaganza
The Moët & Chandon Golden Methuselah covered in gold leaf, a handcrafted, numbered limited edition masterpiece of only $3.300 – glamour in Singapore for the world’s largest Champagne house.  ;)

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Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold Case with some hand sewn Swarovski crystals and gold beads that try to imitate champagne bubbles…

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Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac – $2 Million per bottle of 100 year-aged cognac, packaged by jeweller Jose Davalos in 24 carat gold.

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Travel in luxury
Golden Ferrari 599 GTB from Hamann is absolutely stunning as well as the crazy Porsche…

Swarovski crystal and 24k gold plated bike.

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Delicious treat for the rich and famous
Most expensive sushi – wrapped in sheets of gold and small African diamonds. Yummy!

Via: Oddity Central
And who could refuse  a Golden Kaiser Schnitzel at the Berger Strasse restaurant in Dusseldorf – real gold leafs and white truffles!!

Via: Luxury Launches

Most expensive chocolate bar? Please stop drooling…

Via: Expensive Point
Among the Most Expensive Chocolates in the World – Delafee The Gold Leaf is 24K, the Price is $525 a pound.

And let’s not skip this strange dessert…

Dress in style Not a sport shoes fan, not a gold shoes fan… but the idea Nike had is pretty impressive, although I must admit is kitschy.

Maybe a gold bra instead? “About 630 g of gold and 7.5 carats of diamonds have gone in to the making for this dazzling undergarment. Currently on display in Beijing, it took 2,000 hours to make this inimitable bra.”

Gold. Gold. Gold… MORE gold.
Rubber Stamps-Gold Leafing Domino Jewellery – Learn here how to decorate your own dominoes…

Some earphones…

Not the cheapest babyfoot game – mostly gold and silver just for fun.

Something to use in this life… a pure gold “throne”…

and a not so modest coffin, for a rich and fulfilling afterlife…

And my favourite!!! Just a Teddy Bear – a cute, adorable, happy, gold furry teddy bear.

Finally… the greatest, biggest, extremely yellowish, one of the rarest and most expensive in the whole world, the GOLD NUGGET.  At 44 pounds, this is the largest specimen of ‘Crystalline Gold’ on this planet. ;)

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