Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiger Shark Barfs Up Human Leg

Bahamian investment bankers catch 12 foot tiger shark with human leg in its mouth, human remains in stomach.
Tiger Shark Barfs Up Human Leg
(Graphic, NSFW Photos Below.)
The shocked fishermen couldn’t believe their eyes. Upon reeling in the 12ft beast off the coast of the Bahamas Islands, they saw what appeared to be a human leg in its jaws.
The investment bankers decided to take the monster back to shore, where local authorities opened up the animal to find a severed right leg, two severed arms, and the torso of an adult black male.
Humprey Simmons, one of the investment bankers who caught the tiger shark, described the scene when the shark was caught. He stated that: “We tied the rope around his tail fin and pulled him towards the boat. We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go when he regurgitated a human foot – intact from the knee down.”
After seeing the leg, Mr Simmons and his friends said they feared the shark may contain more body parts because it was “unusually heavy.” He went on to say that: “While pulling up my line, I noticed that it was extra heavy. There was so much stink coming from the shark’s belly and the belly was so huge that we thought that there might be more bodies inside.”
Mr Simmons added that the body was that of a “black man, of heavy build and heavy structure. He had neither clothes nor any identifying marks.”
The body is believed to that of missing sailor Judson Newton. Mr. Newton was last seen attempting to swim to shore from a broken down boat in August. Police say that partial fingerprints on the remains do match Mr. Newton, but they are still awaiting results of DNA testing for final confirmation.
The 43-year-old Newton had been out boating with friends off New Providence Island on August 29, 2010 – when their boat stalled. He and one other friend decided to swim to land to find help, but neither of the men were seen again. Three other men were later found aboard the boat by a rescue crew.
Samuel Woodside, one of Newton’s friends, said Newton was a “strong swimmer”, so he had been surprised when he had been told that his friend had probably drowned.

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