Tuesday, March 22, 2011

War? The Natural State Of Man

A few hundreds of years ago, Thomas Hobbes, one of the greatest philosophers, dared to assert that “war is the natural state of man“. Human nature, always competitive, and the right of each to all things are a prelude for conflict.
A few decades ago, like any other (selfish) child, I was fighting for most of my toys :) . Yet, I was never fighting for the little plastic soldiers, but behind them, leading them to an imaginary victory. Although badly and fragile shaped from ugly, green  plastic material, small and incapable for real actions in the eyes of the people around me, the little army was the best reason for my imagination to go wild. I saw what no one else could see: a real battle field unleashed just there, on the table.

Copyright © richardwthompson on flickr

Copyright ©idp05,  Source: Another Starving Artist

Copyright ©idp05,  Source: Another Starving Artist
Their story began a long time ago with a mold, a mold catalogue and a printed ad…. A few tiny figurines packed in a footlocker.

Via: Injectionmolder.net

Advertisements in comics from the late 1950s – early 60s,  Source:  Speak up

Source: Replicants 

Time passed, children were no more children and the old, useless soldiers were melted for the sake of art into the “war bowl” and the “action-figure sculpture lamp“.
Source: Green Grass Design

Source: Ryan McElhinney
The little soldiers found their happy end (or a new beginning) melted also in flags, paintings and more sculptures…

Memorial Flag by Dave Cole, Source: The knitting machine

Six Thousands Parts by Valerie Leonard, Source: VLdesign

A soldier’s portray made of little plastic soldiers by Vik Muniz, Source: VIK

World Globe by Valerie Leonard, Source: VLdesign
Only one was saved… ;)

Photography by Stacey Brandford, Source: Your Source Magazine

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