Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OMG! That’s MY Car?

A very long time ago, I posted some pictures of funny cars, silly painted ones. Today it’s time for the most weird car parts and accessories and also… for the dumbest ways to repair a car. :)
There is a moment in life when your imagination goes wild and you think your lovely car deserves a fresh look. The magic words: ”See? I fixed it!” and everyone is amazed by your work… or should I say amuzed? :P
Funny Car Picture

Funny Car Mirror

Funny Car Tyre

Wood Door

If you consider handcrafts to be boring and your talents are others than tunning cars, the best way is to try something more stylish. :P
Car And Truck Parts

Funny Exhaust Tailpipe

Want to see more Car Antenna Ball Topper?

Funny Car Accessories Pictures
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