Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everybody Gets Wrinkles, Some Day — Some More So Than Others!

It’s a fact of getting older. You’re going to get wrinkles. Wrinkles in your face. Wrinkles all over the place. Most people don’t like it, some even hate it. But, again, it is simply a fact of life that cannot be avoided. So, on this post we present to you some funny (hilarious even) wrinkled people – along with some adorably wrinkled animals, and even a few plastic surgery disasters (for those people who think they can cheat getting wrinkled).
Wrinkled Woman on the Beach
Wrinkled Mess!
Wow. What can you even say about this image? This woman is wrinkled from head to toe, yet she still has the fortitude to wear a bikini on the beach. And that poor little boy… He looks to be scarred for life from what he’s seeing. Simply amazing.
funny wrinkled baby
Parent of the Year Award, Anybody?
Squishing your baby’s skull to make a funny wrinkled face. What the heck is this Dad thinking? I mean, this looks funny and all, but who does this to their baby?
cute wrinkled shar pei puppy
See, some things are cute when wrinkled! This Shar Pei puppy is absolutely adorable. Why can’t people look like this when we get older, instead of like the sun burnt mess from the first image above?
Very funny looking wrinkled man
What The ????
I don’t know if this image is real or Photoshopped, but it’s funny either way. So, here you go!
cute wrinkled baby
Awe. So Cute.
Why is it that we all think wrinkled babies are so cute and cuddly? As aging adults we can’t stand the thought of wrinkles. Aren’t they the same thing on babies as adults?
Wrinkled Celebrity Tara Reid
Wrinkled Celeb - Tara Reid
Wow, whatever happened to the gorgeous Tara Reid from the original American Pie movie? She’s reportedly had multiple plastic surgeries both on her face and various parts of her body (see below). She’s got more chins here than my neighbor’s 85-year-old grandmother. I thought the point of plastic surgery was to fix these issues?
Tara Reid plastic surgery disaster
Tara Reid - Plastic Surgery Disaster
In all fairness to Tara, this photo is from a few years ago. Reportedly, she’s had this fixed and will even be in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine to show off her new, toned body.
Wrinked Cat
Wrinkles The Cat
A lot of people find this particular type of cat to be simply adorable. I don’t see it, however. I prefer my cats with hair!! Although I can see where this would be a benefit for someone with allergy issues.
wrinkles on grandmother
Grandmother Wrinkles!!
Grandmother wrinkles are beautiful. Who doesn’t have fond memories of their grandmother or grandfather’s weathered, wrinkled faces? They wouldn’t be the same without them, now would they?
carrot top plastic surgery
Carrot Top
Yes, men have plastic surgery too. Here we have a side-by-side comparison of comedian Carrot Top from 1994 and 2007. Quite a dramatic change, huh? Not sure I see an improvement here though.
donatell versace horrible plastic surgery
Donatella Versace
This has to be one of the all-time worst celebrity plastic surgery blunders – Donatella Versace. Seriously, why would you want to look like this instead of the adorable wrinkled grandmother above? This is a perfect reason to NOT have plastic surgery. If someone with this much money can’t get a good face lift, why should the “average” person even consider taking the chance?

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