Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interesting Halloween Costumes – Page 2

With Halloween 2010 just a few short weeks away, we’ve decided to add some new images to our original Interesting Halloween Costumes post. Enjoy…
The Fifth Element Leeloo Multi Pass Halloween Costume
Fifth Element - Leeloo
Leeloo “Multipass” Dallas Halloween costume from The Fifth Element. One of the best Sci-Fi movies ever!
Realistic Homer Simpson
Very Realistic Looking Homer Simpson
Sexy Super Woman Halloween Costume
Super Woman
Ultra sexy Super Woman Halloween costume.

Paris Hilton Sexy Alice Halloween Costume
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Paris Hilton in a super sexy Alice in Wonderdland Halloween costume. Love the eyes. Very nice touch.
Caution Tape and High Heels Halloween Outfit
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Caution tape, high heels, and a top hat. Now that’s a nice Halloween costume.
Twister Halloween Costume
Twister Game Halloween Costume
Now this is a very interesting Halloween costume. For one… Twister is an ultra popular game, especially at parties. Then, notice how this guy has rigged the game to increase the chances of someone landing in his “desired” location. (Don’t see it? Look at the spinner. 75% chance of landing on Red. Genius.)
Paper Face Halloween Mask
Interesting and creepy at the same time. I’m guessing he printed out a picture of his own face, crumpled it up, cut-out eye holes, and then somehow glued it to his face. Pretty low tech, but also pretty impressive.
Creative Cookie Monster Halloween Costume
Must Kill Cookie Monster!!!
Dog Star Trek Enterprise Costume
Star Trek Enterprise
Now this is an innovative dog costume idea. Home made Star Trek Enterprise costume, created out of cardboard and beer cans. Awesome!
Dog Being Eaten by Alligator Halloween Costume
This might even be more funny than the Star Trek costume above… “Alligator eating a dog” outfit. I bet this gets a lot of attention at dog parks!
Alien Bursting Out of Baby Halloween Costume
Alien Bursting Out of Baby
Okay, it takes a pretty twisted individual to put their baby in this type of costume. Funny, but twisted. (Let’s just hope the baby doesn’t grow up to be a psycho because of this.)
Zombies Halloween Costumes
It’s just not Halloween without some creative Zombies Halloween Costumes!

Nice group of mixed sexy Halloween costumes.
Leeloo Multipass Dallas Halloween Costume
More Leeloo!!
I really do like The Fifth Element. So, here’s another version of the Leeloo Dallas Halloween costume.
Interesting Granny Hooters Girl Halloween Costume
This is an interesting twist on the more traditional “Hooters Girl” Halloween costume!
Pizza Box Naked Man Halloween Costume
Pizza Delivery
Okay, ladies… The above and below images are just for you!!!
Bouncy Balls Halloween Costume
On one hand, this is pretty clever – a “bouncy balls” costume. Then again, however, this could probably also be conceived as very perverted – as in maybe he’s trying to lure young kids to play on his… (You get the idea.)
Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

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