Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keyboards Around Us

A bag, a shoe, a wall – a keyboard for every geek. Some of the largest and unusual keyboards, some interesting and funny accesories, all proof of human imagination and advanced technology today. Smash forehead on keyboard to continue…

Keyboard Bags  Any tech-girls around here?!?

 Designer:   João Sabino
Keyboard Tie

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Keyboard Pants One more interesting concept of the many from the Yanko Design… This time “Beauty and the Geek” jeans.

Keyboard Shoes

 Source © star5112 on Flickr
Largest Textile Keyboard – made of recycled keyboard keys

 Source:   Wallyou 
Giant Keyboard - easy to use with your feet ;)

 Source:   Technabob
Keyboard Monument     QWERTY keyboard monument from Ekaterinburg, Russia

Source:   English Russia
Teleklettergarten - Ars Electronica 2003 Campus

 Source:   Ars Electronica Archive , Copyright:   Sabine Starmayr
Tasty Chocolate Keyboard

Source:  Finest Technology

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